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How to find us

How to find the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH)

By bus from the city center

The Urban Transport Organization (OASTH) ( covers regular bus route from the railway station until ATEITH.
There are 2 bus lines with numbers 51 & 52.Πως θα βρείτε το ΑΤΕΙ  ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ

  Line 52   Routes  and  Stops)

  Line 51   (Routes and  Stops)


By private car from the city center

Road map


Google Map

If you are coming from the center of Thessaloniki by car should follow the National Road Thessaloniki - Athens. At 9 km of the
road turn right ( after the Galikos River Bridge) along the road to the industrial area of ​​Sindos. At the first traffic
lights turn right and you will find the ATEITH to 100 meters.

If you are coming from the direction of Athens - Thessaloniki after 489 km  you will see a bridge that leads the way
to Sindos and ATEITH. Turn right and go over the bridge. After  the bridge, at first traffic lights turn right and you will
find the ATEITH to 100 meters.

You can also come by taxi from Thessaloniki kentrio (although this will cost you about 30 Euros). Call one of the taxi companies
to mediate

By Plane
Thessaloniki airport is located on the east side of town (The TEI. Located on the west) and is (the airport) about 35 km from
the ATETHI. The route from the airport to the TEI by car may take from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on someone comes from the
ring road or the city center.
Using the outer ring road of Thessaloniki, you should follow the entire route of the ring road until you end up in turn to the
National Road Thessaloniki - Athens. Turn right onto National Road Thessaloniki / Thessaloniki - Athens and follow the
instructions above to access the TEITH by car.

To get from the airport to the ATEITH through the city of Thessaloniki, you must cross the entire city from east to west. By way of
an October 26 street will be directed to the National Road Thessaloniki - Athens. Follow the instructions for "access drive" to see
detailed instructions on how to get to the TEI.

By rail
The city is served by rail from the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE). About the Railway routes to and from Thessaloniki you
can visit the website,
The main railway station of Thessaloniki is located downtown near the Republic Square (about 800 meters west). To get to the TEI
should get on bus No. 51, which begins in front of the station.


How to find the building of the IT department

From the entrance of the ATEITH. follow the red signs on the map below to navigate  at the entrance of the main building of the
IT Department  . The green signs will help you go back to Thessaloniki. 


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