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Student Welfare



The Hall of Residence is situated inside the campus in Sindos (building 10) having capacity of 108 shared double rooms. The students’ hall is managed by the National Youth Foundation. More information can be obtained at tel. (+30 2310) 791-144 or 717-677, fax (+30 2310) 799-178.


The Student Refectory is situated on the main corridor of the campus (building 11, tel. +30 2310 791-126), providing two meals (lunch and dinner) on a daily basis, throughout the academic year, except the vacation periods. Alternatively, catering is provided in the city center of Thessaloniki, in 5 Mpratouna Street (in the area of Democracy Square). Students have the choice between two different options for their main course and the daily cost is 3.30 Euro (lunch and dinner). Free catering services are provided to eligible students after submission of the relevant documents.


Students can enjoy snacks, ice-cream or coffee in the main cafeteria situated on the main corridor of the campus (building 12). In addition, there are more cafeterias offering snacks and drinks, one inside the main corridor of the Administration building and another one in the buildings of Health Sciences School.
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